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ATV Tour

ATV Tours available

Are you visiting the island of St. Maarten while on a cruise, and want to see as much of the island as you can? How about taking an ATV Tour? If that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does.

Taking the tour is a whole day event, and you see all of the attractions, beaches, sights and sounds of both sides of the island. The guide meets you at the Pier, shows you to your ATV, shows you how to drive the ATV, and a guide shows you around the island. Make sure to bring a camera, because some of the sights will blow you away. Crystal clear water on pristine white sand, lookouts over the capital of Philipsburg or towards the Airport in Simpson Bay, drives through the European version of the Caribbean on the French side of the island. And the nice thing about being on the ATV, you can be driving and have a companion with you to take video or pictures of everything you see.

Or if you prefer not to take part in the tour, but want to take out your own ATV for the day, daily rentals are also possible. All you have to walk with is beachware, a camera and a credit card or money for eating out. Prices are below.


  • $125 single
  • $146 double
  • $100 ATV rental for the day

To register for an ATV tour or rental, please email us by clicking Here