Rental policies

Only the person or persons registered as drivers on the rental agreement may drive the car. This has to do with insurance coverage. If a person who is not on the rental agreement form is driving the car and has an accident, the insurance will not cover the damages.

Category: Rental policies

American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Cash payments are accepted. Discover and Diners Club are not accepted.

Paypal also accepted on the website. However when picking up your, a credit card is still required for insurance deposits. We don’t book your credit card, we just place an authorization (a block) on the required funds.

Category: Rental policies

You will receive your requested car with a full tank. It is expected that the car will be returned with a full tank as well. Is this not the case, then a refueling charge will be incurred based on the lacking fuel.

Category: Rental policies

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